Instilling Jewish pride, building courage and fostering brotherhood

December 12, 2016 -     Although we are less than 0.2 percent of mankind, the Jewish People have been able to accomplish extraordinary things because of our belief that the impossible could be achieved. Hanukkah, our Festival of Lights, is fast approaching. In recounting the heroic story of the Maccabees, the Jewish rebel group that lived in the Land of Israel in the seco

Transforming a Complicated Past to A Promising Future: Why Christians and Jews Must Come Together to Battle Surging Anti-Semitism

November 23, 2016 -     By Pastor Samuel Rodriguez and Adam Milstein  Christianity and Judaism are different branches on the same family tree. Built on the teachings of Jesus Christ – a Jew living in the land of Israel – Christianity shares with Judaism the sacred text of the old testament, a set of values rooted in ethical monotheism, and a be

Antisemitism in America is rising on the Right and the Left

October 26, 2016 -     Israel and the Jewish people are not necessarily the ultimate objectives of their campaigns, but it’s more convenient for them to start with the Jews. For thousands of years Jews have been targeted, persecuted and hated for a range of irrational and paradoxical reasons. We have been blamed for the crucifixion and killing of Jesus, even though

Being ourselves: How Israeli-Americans have cultivated a new movement

October 18, 2016 -     Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” It is a sentiment that I have taken to heart over the past decade, as I have worked to cultivate an Israeli-American identity for myself, my family, and my community. The process of building this identity as a co-founder and, for the past year, as Chairman of the Israeli-A

The IAC’s Third Annual Conference: Embracing a New Identity, Building a Movement and Changing Jewish Future

October 11, 2016 -     By: Adam Milstein Last month, in our nation’s capital, the Israeli-American Council (IAC) hosted the largest gathering of the Israeli-American community in history. The IAC’s Third Annual National conference brought together more than 2,100 Israeli-Americans and Jewish-Americans of all ages and backgrounds, alongside dynamic

Jerusalem Post 50 Most Influential Jews: Number 39 – Adam Milstein

October 10, 2016 -     As co-founder of the Israeli-American Council based in California, Adam Milstein’s mission has been to strengthen and support the State of Israel and the Jewish people, as well as the US-Israel relationship. The IAC has been doing so by connecting American Jewry (about 5.5 million) and the Israeli-American community in the US (about half a mi

The Bizrael Bridge to Israeli Tech and Entrepreneurial Innovation

September 22, 2016 -     The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation proudly supports Bizrael, which organizes professional business trips to connect people with Israel’s leading startups, international companies, academia, and other key players behind the Startup Nation. Below, Co-founder and Director Jason Weiss shares how Bizrael harnesses the

Congressman Brad Sherman’s Letter to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block in defense of Milan Chatterjee

September 12, 2016 -     Dear Chancellor Block, I am writing you to express serious concern over the ongoing campaign to defame the UCLA law student, Milan Chatterjee, who served as the Graduate Student Association (GSA) President in this past academic year. As a result of the unanimous decision of the GSA cabinet, Mr. Chatterjee, stipulated to the "Diversity Caucus&q

Empowering the Israeli-American Identity

September 6, 2016 -     Ten years ago, I was both an Israeli and an American. Now, I’m an Israeli-American. Embracing this unique hybrid identity makes all the difference in the world for more than a million people living in America. A decade ago, Israeli-Americans were, at best, afterthoughts within the Jewish American community. Even though we had US passports, bu

My Personal Philanthropic Journey: Why giving is the greatest joy of all

August 18, 2016 -     The Talmud tells us: “More than the calf wants to suckle; the cow wants to nurse.” For people who are actively involved in philanthropy, this makes a lot of sense. They know that the donor often ends up receiving as much, if not more, than the people and organizations that they support. Jewish laws of charity, or Tzedakah, obligates us