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From ‘Peaceful’ Anti-Israel Vilification to Antisemitic Violent Attacks

This article was originally published in the Algemeiner on July 12, 2021. Few could have imagined that the current wave of violence against Jews in major American cities would be possible within living memory of the Holocaust. Jews in America now fear walking the streets wearing Jewish artifacts, congregating outside Jewish community buildings, or even speaking […]

Antisemitism Isn’t Only a Jewish Problem

This article was published on Aish.com on July 4, 2021. Throughout Jewish history in the diaspora, Jews lived at the mercy of local rulers and largely lacked the ability to defend themselves. Today, however, American Jews have established themselves as one of the most successful immigrant communities in the United States and they also have […]

Fight Antisemitism: ‘Never Again’ Must Be Backed By Actions

This article was originally published in the Jerusalem Post on June 10, 2021. Each year Jews and non-Jews around the world recite the mantra “Never Again” to remember the six million Jewish lives and tens of millions of other victims murdered by the Nazis. And then, each year, we continue to see Jew-hatred and antisemitic […]

Biden needs to stand by Israel, against terrorism

This article was published in The Detroit News on May 20, 2021, written by Adam Milstein of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, and James Jay Carafano of The Heritage Foundation. Make no mistake, Hamas and Islamic Jihad (IJ) are terrorist organizations. Their attacks on Israel have one purpose — blood, anybody’s blood, Jew, Arab or […]

Strategic Philanthropy to Strengthen America

Article originally published in JNS on May 18, 2021. Our American way of life and Western values are under attack by radical hate groups funded by wealthy ideologues. To counter them, we must draw upon the same successful methods I employed in the fight against Jew-hatred. Over the past decade, I have focused my activist efforts […]

How to Practice Philanthropy to Create a Lasting Impact

This article was originally published in the Jerusalem Post on February 9, 2021. Some say that it’s more challenging to effectively donate money than to earn it. I agree. It’s a no-brainer to choose the nonprofit organizations you support based on your personal acquaintances or social affiliations, but real impact can only be achieved by […]

Jewish Journal: On Sunday, I Witnessed An Actual Jewish Event

This article was originally published in the Jewish Journal on November 17, 2020. By David Suissa This is not a typo. I went to a Jewish event on Sunday, with real people, real tables, real honorees, live music — the works. Two full hours without Zoom. Remember those ancient things? Real Jewish events? Where a […]

Defining Antisemitism as a Jewish Problem is a Lose-Lose Proposition

This article was featured on United With Israel on November 15, 2020. As American Jews do little to fight this bigotry, non-Jews ask themselves: Why should we lead this battle? By Adam Milstein Anti-Semitism is an ancient problem. Throughout Jewish history in the diaspora, Jews lacked the power and resources to do much of anything to fight […]