Students Supporting Israel (SSI)

November 3, 2015

Students Supporting Israel (SSI) is Pro-Israel, grassroots, campus movement that supports the State of Israel. Founded at the University of Minnesota in 2012, it now has multiple chapters across the United States and Canada. SSI is committed to promoting a better understanding of Israel throughout North America as a member of the family of nations, with a fundamental right to exist as a Jewish, democratic state, within secure borders. SSI provides students with the opportunity to support the position of Israel in the Middle East, opposes the demonization of Israel on campus, and works to change the anti-Israel climate many students encounter. SSI believes that by being part of a united, strong and confident movement, students are empowered to express their views in support of Israel.

SSI’s activities include familiarizing the university community with current events in the Middle East, sharing Israeli culture on campus, and responding to bias anti-Israel propaganda when spread by other members of the academic community. SSI promotes sharing knowledge with students about Israel’s history, diverse people, and its day to day reality, as Israel should not be looked at solely through the lens of conflict but as a nation with legitimate and unique story, values and aspirations. The SSI movement is independent, nonpartisan, and was created by students, for students, in order to organize a strong and united pro-Israel front on college campuses. The movement believes in grassroots action, and is made up of students from different political, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, all working together as Students Supporting Israel to empower those who support Israel on campus to lead their fellow students and the campus community.