Campaign Against Antisemitism UK

November 23, 2020


We work closely with police forces around the country, the Crown Prosecution Service, regulatory bodies, and the government to ensure that antisemitism is detected, investigated, and punished with the full force of the law. We focus on criminal antisemitism and antisemitic acts committed by professionals or institutions which are subject to special regulation, such as lawyers, teachers, sportspeople, and charities. We also provide training and advice to the authorities, whilst also scrutinizing their performance and holding them to account when they fall short.


Working closely with senior journalists and advertising professionals, we run proactive campaigns to ensure that the public is aware of anti-Jewish racism and the immense societal danger that it poses. Through our advocacy work, we seek to mobilize public support for the fight against antisemitism, whilst also generating pressure on the authorities to pursue a policy of zero tolerance for antisemitism. We also provide information and comment to the media through our media center.


We strive to reduce anti-Jewish prejudice by providing education and training to all in society who wish to find out more about being Jewish, antisemitism, and fighting racism. We also reach out to other minority communities and anti-racist groups so that we can work to strengthen each other.


We have forged links with the government, local authorities, regulators, police forces, and the Crown Prosecution Service, as well as with companies such as the major social networks. We meet at the highest levels to tackle the roots of antisemitism and ensure that the law is upheld effectively, consistently, and firmly.


Antisemitism is a societal problem and we believe that individuals should be at the forefront of the fight against antisemitism. We recruit, train, and mobilize volunteers, empowering them to leverage their talent and expertise against antisemitism.


We have recruited some of Britain’s most formidable and acclaimed legal minds. Our lawyers give their time to provide guidance on specific cases and also takes action to hold the authorities and private companies to account when they fail to act against antisemitism effectively. Our legal experts include specialists in criminal law, charity law, regulatory law, administrative law, employment law, media law, and litigation.


Our volunteers need central support in every area from systems administration to finance. Working with senior professionals, we ensure that our volunteers receive the support they need and that our charity complies strictly with regulatory and financial requirements.


We are proud to operate with extremely low overheads, relying almost entirely on volunteers, however, our work costs money, whether it is to pay court fees when we litigate, or to commission important research. We fundraise throughout the year to raise the sums needed to enable our work to continue.