Podcast: “Antisemitism is not a Jewish problem but an American one” Adam Milstein Interview with Maayan Hoffman from the Jerusalem Post

December 5, 2023

Adam Milstein speaks out on antisemitism: ‘We need to be aware, awake, stand up and fight back’

Maayan Hoffman, Deputy CEO – Strategy & Innovation of the Jerusalem Post Group, speaks with Adam Milstein, renowned Israeli-American investor and philanthropist, about the sources of the recent upsurge of antisemitism and what the Jewish community must do to counter this disturbing trend. The Jewish people, says Milstein, need to be aware, awake, stand up, and fight back against antisemitism.

Milstein, who regularly shares his views on Israel and antisemitism in the pages of the Jerusalem Post, says that antisemitism should not be presented as a Jewish problem. It is, in his words, “an American problem. This is not about the Jews. We’re just the canary in the coal mine. This is about America and the West.”

Unlike classic antisemitism, says Milstein, this new form of antisemitism is being led by the Islamo-leftist alliance, an alliance between the radical left and secular Muslims that together created an alliance against the West, against Judeo-Christian values, and against Israel. The ultimate target of this alliance, he adds, is not the Jews but, rather, Western civilization and the United States.

Milstein notes that social media is also a significant factor in the promotion of antisemitism around the world. “The number of people getting the news from social media,” said Milstein, “is increasing every day. The problem is that the information distributed by social media is not checked or validated. It is misinformation and disinformation. Propaganda is not only allowed on social media, but it’s actually being promoted. The more hate you spew, the more attention the algorithms will give you.”

Milstein cautioned that the massive spike in antisemitism will be followed by even greater acts of violence against America and the West. “This is a sign for the future.” When any kind of resistance is justified against oppressors and occupiers, he says, America should watch out.