An AIPAC Campus Allies alumnus shares his story

March 8, 2016

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation proudly supports AIPAC’s Campus Allies Mission, which brings non-Jewish, pro-Israel political activists to Israel for the first time. The on-the-ground experiences in the Holy Land teach participants about the importance of the United States-Israel relationship and gives them a deeper understanding of Israel’s strategic, social, and security issues, right in the heart of the Holy Land. Stephen Fiehler, an alumnus of our Campus Allies, has shared how the Campus Allies Mission has impacted his life and view of Israel. You can read his story below.

My AIPAC Campus Allies trip to Israel in May 2010 was enlightening and inspirational. Seeing what Israelis have created in less than a century, despite being surrounded by enemies, demonstrates what humans are capable of accomplishing.

Most media outlets portray Palestinians as innocent victims in the hands of the intransigent, aggressive Israelis. This trip helped me reconsider and recreate the image of Israel that the news had offered. Standing on the Golan Heights, observing the locations of the security barriers and learning more about the history of the conflict, gave me a new understanding, respect and sympathy for Israel’s predicament. The American-Israel relationship has become personally important to me, and the trip has made me much better at educating people about Israel and the issues it faces.

The religious experience, for me, was overwhelming as well. Standing in Capernaum where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, walking the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, and visiting the location of the Last Supper, strengthened my faith and increased my love for Christ. For this reason, among many others, I’m so grateful for AIPAC and the Milstein Family Foundation.

Today, Stephen Fiehler lives and works in New York City as a healthcare IT consultant specializing in cardiology. Despite his nonpolitical career path, he will always have a passion for politics and foreign policy, and will always do his best to educate people on the true history of the conflict and the resilience of the Israeli people.


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