Lehoshit Yad-Los Angeles

March 17, 2014 -    

Love, joy, faith, and fun. We in Lehoshit Yad believe that joy is the true cure. Lehoshit Yad was founded in 2007 by parents of children suffering from cancer with the help of generous people. Since then we're able to give these children a chance to touch the sky and realize that dreams come true. We kindle a hope and have faith that each child has the strength and ability to fight and prevail. The purpose of this site is to share with you the great times experienced by the children of Lehoshit Yad. We share a hope that together we’ll be able to banish the darkness and bring back the light to these children’s lives. The organization was founded by a group of volunteers who gave of their time and money to help sick children and their families. Lehoshit Yad meets new children daily who have been diagnosed with cancer, whose life is in danger and whose families face financial and emotional hardships. The organization supports and helps fund medicine and treatments that aren't included in the government’s health plan. They assist in blood donation, searching for matching marrow transplants, wigs for children who have lost their hair, rides to and from the hospital, meals for the duration of the treatments and hospitalization, arranging birthday parties and fun days for the children and medical staff. The organization works hand in hand with the medical staff and social workers, and are constantly aware of the changing needs of the patients. Together they strive to reach out and fulfill the needs and wishes of the children. We believe that the power of love conquers all and joy has the power to heal.