IAC Mishelanu

March 17, 2014 -    

IAC Mishelanu promotes an active and strong Israeli-American community on college campuses in order to strengthen and maintain the next generation’s identity, culture, language, heritage and connection to Israel.

The program focuses on creating an organization and “home” for Israeli-Americans on college campuses throughout the United States.
Mishelanu is operated as a partnership of the IAC, Hillel Zofim, JAFI, Federations and other partners, and is present today on 33 campuses in the US and is growing quickly.

It has about 370 registered and active students across the States today after its first 2 years.

Mishelanu provides ample opportunities for regional networking through regional and national seminars as well as career advancement though its 8 weeks personalized (and highly subsidized) internship program in Israel (Onward Israel).

You can learn in Mishelanu website and watch their impact video here.