Human Rights Voices

July 12, 2016 -    

The United Nations has become an instrument for the abuse of law and a platform for repressive regimes who seek to undermine the national interests of Western democracies.  Human rights have become a tool used to challenge the ability of America and its allies to combat the growing threats of extremism and terrorism at home and abroad.

At Human Rights Voices, we monitor, critique and publicize anti-Jewish and anti-Israel actions fostered by the United Nations.  Our work has both a research dimension and an advocacy component.  We share information and analysis with members of Congress and diplomats from many countries who are in a position to counter-act UN activities.  We also focus our attention on informing the American public of the use of their taxpayer dollars to support behavior antithetical to deeply-held constitutional values.

Our overall goals are to diminish American support for an international institution that plays a central role in the proliferation of modern antisemitism and the demonization of the Jewish state, to change foreign policy strategic reliance on the United Nations, and to encourage the development of alternative forums for the 21st century which promote and protect Western democratic values and freedoms.