Fuel For Truth

November 10, 2015 -    

Since 2001, we've been the most effective advocacy movement engaging unaffiliated Jews and non-Jews simply because we ARE the demographic which we are reaching.

1. RECRUITMENT: Leveraging social networks. For this hard-to-reach demographic, the messenger is MORE important than the message. Our time-tested social-educational events recruit over 1,000 people a year.

2. TRAINING: Empowering our members. Our interactive, “live-fire” advocacy training sessions paired with expert speakers builds the ultimate confidence and knowledge needed to engage others in our exclusive 10-week Membership “Boot Camp” Program held four times per year.

3. NEXT STEPS: Force-multiply. Trained members take on leadership roles within the origination and other pro-Israel organizations to engage and empower the next generation of leaders. Continued involvement, on-going recruitment and sustained growth are trademarks of Fuel For Truth — we are members for life.

Our revolutionary approach to Israel advocacy forges the self-confidence of young social leaders to ensure the future for our people.  We are an all-volunteer movement that strengthens Israel's image by empowering diverse leaders with the basic facts about Israel, the Middle East and the skills necessary to advocate in any environment.